Why am I doing this?

I've often asked myself the same question. Well, to tell you the truth, I yearn to create. I couldn't take it anymore. With my spirit parched and cracked, I reached out to God to help me before I officially dried up from lack of creativity. I cried out to God, my Chief Creator (He knows His stuff!), and He gave me this project -- to chronicle my creativeness, or rather, the creativeness He gives me. I am nothing without Him, and neither is my art. It it completely inspired by Him, and I give Him all the glory. On these pages you will see my triumphs, my goofs, my joys and my frustrations along with some advice (hopefully sound) and tons of color photos to quench your photo appetite.

I am a writer, a singer, and an artist, but above all else, I am a worshiper of our Lord. The one who created it all.