Saturday, January 14, 2012

10 Minutes and a Digital Camera all you need to continue in your creative dreams. Please don't let time constraints destroy your creative process. You only need a few minutes.

This is a glimpse of my "10 minutes and a Digital Camera"


D-M-S copyright 2012

D-M-S copyright  2012

D-M-S copyright 2012
D-M-S copyright 2012

D-M-S copyright 2012

D-M-S copyright 2012

D-M-S copyright 2012

Thursday, January 5, 2012

It only takes a minute...

to create something beautiful.

A photo

A drawing

A simple song or melody.

You don't need hours to create -- or even one hour. Just create. Beauty comes in the seconds, not in the hours.



Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Today I put my sweet kitty in the window. It's higher up than our other windows so he -- in his older years -- is not able to jump as liberally as in his youth. So, with an assist and supervision, he sits and enjoys the outside from a higher view every so often.

Today was unusual. The sun -- setting just right -- offered a beautiful picture into my world. Enjoy :)

Kitty in a Window - 1   D-M-S
Kitty in a Window - 3   D-M-S
Kitty in a Window - 4    D-M-S
Kitty in a Window - 2   D-M-S

Thank you so much for sharing in this moment with me. Moments of inspiration and creativity don't have to take time, effort or money. Sometimes you just need an opportunity and an iPhone camera. God bless, y'all! Create for Christ! ~Chelle

Friday, December 30, 2011

Today is the Day

Today is a day of writing. It's time. It's time to take myself seriously as a writer. But, what am I scared of?


Or, success?

It's a scary question. Most would say failure. Failure of seeing my dreams not come true. Of living, hoping and praying and then for what? ...nothing.

Or, am I scared of success? Of living up to what I dreamed, or better? Yes. I believe I am. To have to walk the walk is scarier to me than talking the talk.

But, that's the old me. The old scared to succeed me.

Not any more.

For God didn't give me the spirit of fear, but of



And a Stable Mind.

And, I intend to use it. Starting today.

To God be the glory. May He instill in me His passion for music, song and writing. May He be in charge of the gifts He has given me. Amen!

It's time.


Friday, April 1, 2011

Hey! I'm still here

Hey Blogger-verse!

I am still here. I've actually been busy writing, drawing, dancing, singing and creating! PRAISE GOD!!!!! Thank you, God! Thank you, God!

I wanted to report in and encourage you to create however the Father leads you, too. He is the great Creator, and we were created in His image. There is a creator in all of us. Create!

Below is my first completed work from my Mother Mary series. What do you think?

Mother Mary 1 copyright 2011 DMS watercolor 

Keep creating! The world needs your writing, your gift, your artwork, your existence! Keep doing it!

My God bless you every step of the way!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One word at a time

For a long time now I've been a writer. A purveyor of prose. A wordsmith. A...oh, what's the word?

And, then I stopped cold turkey.

I didn't have it in me anymore to write, to create, to draw. My well of creativity had dried up. Or, so I thought.

But, now there's a trickle. After years of parched desert, I now see the rain clouds forming. Filling up. A downpour waiting to happen.

I am ready.

And, I started writing again. Without burdens. Without "measured amounts." I will not write "so many" words a day. I will not set limits on my creativity. I will not make it not fun. I will make it free.

Or, I won't do it all.

Now, I'm writing my new mystery that's been churning in my soul one word at a time. I write spontaneously. It works for me. I may not be pumping out great literature, but I'm writing. And, now I can breathe.

Have you ever been in a place that is supposed to be freeing, but you find yourself stifled and burdened? Creativity is a gift from God -- Our Chief Creator. He created it all. He didn't fret over it; He just did it. He created the stars in the sky. He created their patterns so we may gaze up in wonder. He designed the leaves on the trees--every single vein and bump and crinkle. He didn't worry about if the vein was the "right" color or in the "right" place. My God just did it!

Freeing isn't it?

Lord, please free me to worship you, create for You, and to love You. May You free me from the past burdens I've placed on myself and allow me freedom to serve You.

In Jesus' name I pray. AMEN!!!!

May you be free in your worship of God today. May you use the creative gifts He has given you for His glory. Be free.


Monday, September 20, 2010

God so loves me

He keeps showing me rainbows. But, this one is so special. He showed me the purple in this one. My fave color.



7/20/2010 D-M-S